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Handheld T1/E1 Troubleshooting Tool

TAU 2 provides the test access capability of a cross-connect panel (DSX), in a small, convenient, handheld package.  It saves time often wasted while deciphering test connections on network equipment and simplifies the patch cable selection required for maintenance and installation.   TAU 2 provides a complete set of MONITOR, IN and OUT bantam jacks for both circuit directions from the test point.  The IN and OUT jacks provide breaking contacts to allow a test device to inject or receive a signal from either direction on the circuit.  The MONITOR jacks provide isolated access to received signals, without disruption, on a live circuit.

In addition, TAU 2 provides simple switches to loop-back the circuit in either direction with the MONITOR jack still functioning on the circuit in loop-back.

TAU 2 slips easily into a tool kit and conveniently connects into the circuit using RJ-48 ports.

tau2 end view

Insertion Loss: Less than 0.2 dB
Connectors: RJ 48 female (Customer, Network)
  Bantam jack (MON, IN, OUT)
Size:   4.5”L x 2.6”W x 1.3”H
  (114mm L x 67mm W x 32mm H)style=”vertical-align: bottom;” />
Weight: 4.2 oz. (124 grams)

tau2 front view