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T1 Transmission Test Set

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Electrodata’s T1-LITETM provides all the basic T1 testing functions in a small package and at a great price. The T1-LITE is designed with full T1 transmit and receive functions perfect for turning up and troubleshooting T1 lines and equipment. Built to the same exacting standards of other Electrodata products, the T1-LITE is designed to autoconfigure to the line coding, framing format, and test pattern; perform bit error testing using standard T1 test patterns; identify error and alarm conditions; measure signal frequency and level; display 24 channel signaling; perform drop and insert operations; provide CSU / NIU loopback emulation; and includes a timing reference jack to allow clock slip detection and measurement. The T1-LITE is designed to test across the full T1 band or test individual 64K channels.



The T1-LITE uses thirteen LEDs to display normal line operation, alarm or error conditions, and test set battery condition. A twelve button keypad allows auto-configuration, test set up, DS0 channel selection, line loop ups and loop downs, error injection, and results monitoring with the touch of a finger. A built-in speaker allows channel monitoring, and a headset jack allows monitoring and voice operation with any standard “cell phone” type headset. The easy to read 2-line by 16-character liquid crystal display makes set up and results reading simple.

The Complete Package

The basic instrument T1-LITE comes complete with a PS-3 battery eliminator / charger and technical manual, or can be purchased as a kit that includes the T1-LITE, PS-3, technical manual, padded carrying case, headset, two Bantam-to-Bantam test cables with 310 adapters, and a dual Bantam-to-RJ48 test cable. The T1-LITE is covered by a standard three-year warranty.

To find out more about the T1-LITE, call toll-free 1-800-441-6336.

Specifications for the T1-LITE


Clock Source:           Internal (± 5ppm), External, Recovered

Pulse Shape:            Conforms to TR-TSY-000499, ITU Recommendation
                        G.703; AT&T Publications CB113, CB119, CB132,
                        CB143, PUB62508, and PUB62411 pulse shape
                        specifications when terminated in 100 ohms
                        and 0 LBO is selected
Line Codes:             AMI or B8ZS

Framing:                Unframed, D3/D4, ESF, and SLC-96 

Channel Format:         64 X 1 or Full T1

Test Patterns:          QRSS, 55 Octet, T1-Daly, All 1's, 3 in 24,
                        2 in 8, 1:7, Alternating 1/0, All 0's, 

Connector:              Bantam

Errors Inserted:        Bit, BPV, CRC, Frame

Loop Codes:             CSU, NIU, HDSL

Channel Data:           Test patterns, Digital Milliwatt, Headset,
                         Set ABCD signaling bits

Loop Code Types:        CSU/NIU, HDSL-T1E1.4, Pairgain-GNLB

Loop Codes:             NIU, Net-NIU, CSU, HLU, NI, HRU, HDU4, HDU3,
                        HDU2, HDU1, CREM, CDU4, CDU3, CDU2, CDU1,
                        CLOC, NREM, NDU4, NDU3, NDU2, NDU1, NLOC,


Clock Source:           Recovered from received data

Autoconfigure:          Line code, framing, and test pattern 

Line Codes:             AMI or B8ZS selected automatically

Framing:                Same as transmitter

Test Patterns:          Same as transmitter

Connector:              Bantam

Level Range

        Terminate:      DSX +6 dBm to DSX  -36 dBm, 100 ohms
        Bridge:         DSX +6 dBm to DSX  -36 dBm, 100 ohms
        Monitor:        DSX -14 dBm to DSX -40 dBm, 100 ohms


Errors:                 BPV, BIT, Frame, CRC, BER

Errored Seconds and Time:       

                        Errored Seconds, Error Free Seconds,
                        Percent Errored Seconds, Percent Error Free Seconds,
                        Elapsed Time

T1 and Channels:

                        T1 Receive frequency and level,
                         Channel frequency and level,
                        Channel  number and data, Channel signaling,
                        A, B, C, and D signaling all 24 Channels


Display:                2 line by 16 character

Indicators:             Pulses, Frame Sync, Pattern Sync, B8ZS,
                        Battery Low, Signal Loss, Frame Loss,
                        All Ones, Ones Density, BPV, ERRORS,
                        Yellow Alarm, Excess Zeros 

Size:                   140mm L x 95mm  W x 63mm H
                        (5 1/2” L x 3 3/4” W x 2 1/2” H)

Weight:                 6 Kgram (1 lb. 5 oz.)
Operating Temperature:  -20° C to +60° C
Storage Temperature:    -30° C to +80° C
Humidity:               10% to 90% non-condensing


Batteries:              Nickel Cadmium
Battery Life:           4 hours minimum per charge
Recharge Time:          6 hours nominal
AC Operation:           115/230 vac 50/60 Hz

Specifications subject to change without notice.
*SLC is a registered trademark of AT&T.