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New (3/1/2013)

Electrodata and NCS add new features to ATS-5X

Electrodata Inc. and Networked Communications Solutions LLC (NCS) have added SLOPE and Peak to Average Ratio (P/AR) to the ATS-5X.  These measurements are at customer request and are for customers supporting networks that have not transitioned to use the 23-Tone measurement. Existing customers may add these new measurements (at no charge) by downloading the current firmware and updating their test sets.

Electrodata Announces Alliance with NCS


Electrodata Inc. and Networked Communications Solutions LLC (NCS) have formed an alliance where NCS will provide logistical and distribution support for Electrodata products.  Please visit NCS at:


Of course, you may contact us as you have in the past and you can expect to receive the same personal service and quality care you have come to expect from both Electrodata and NCS

New Firmware and Software release for COMM-WATCH II [Release Note]


Assistance in troubleshooting T1/E1 and PRI problems.

Electrodata announces a consulting/rental program for customers with T1/E1 or PRI problems that cause chronic or intermittent failures.  Electrodata will provide a short-term rental COMM-WATCH II and consulting to help isolate the failure for referral to the proper equipment, or service, provider for resolution.  The consulting, via telephone/Internet, will include installation of the COMM-WATCH II and analysis of the data captured.

Watch this short video on COMM-WATCH II.

Call (800) 441-6336 for more information.

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