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Tech Tip


1. Go to the Electrodata web site at www.electrodata.com .

2. Click on the Software Updates button on the left side of the screen.

3. Scroll down to the appropriate EZ-TESTER model and note the latest
firmware revision (example: rev C1 Download) .

4. Click on Download and then “Save this program to disk”. Note: this
file is about 6 MB.

5. When the download is complete click on “Open” and then “Setup”.
Follow the on-screen instructions to extract the files.

6. A window will inform you when the setup is complete. The
Electrodata PConCall update software is now installed in your PC.
The following steps are to transfer the update from your PC to the
Electrodata EZ-TESTER.

7. Turn on the EZ-TESTER. Plug in the power supply if your EZ-
TESTER is not fully charged.

8. Scroll down to “AUXILIARY PORT” and press “ENTER”. Select
“DCE, 19.2K, 8, NONE, 1″. Then press “MENU”.

9. Connect a straight through cable (ex: Electrodata #600071 DB9
Female to DB 25 Male) from the serial port of your PC to 25-pin
auxiliary port on the EZ-TESTER.

10. On your PC, open “Electrodata PConCall” from the Programs menu.

11. The “Welcome” screen will appear. Follow the instructions. Select the
appropriate Com Port and bit rate (19200). This will match the data
rate that was set up in the EZ-TESTER in Step 9.

12. Click on “Continue” to start the update. The PC window and the
EZ-TESTER screen will display the progress of the transfer. The
update takes about 5 minutes at 19.2Kb/s.

13. If you need any assistance performing this procedure, call Electrodata
and ask for technical support. The telephone numbers are 216-663-
3333 or 1-800-441-6336