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COMM-WATCH II (12/14/2010)

Firmware and Software release for CommWatch II.  See Release Notes.

Watch this short video on COMM-WATCH II.


The EZ-REMOTE is the rack mounted remote testing solution for DS1, DS3, STS-1 and SONET OC3/OC12 transmission.  ATM is available as an option on all of these units which allows single-ended and full-duplex testing across the network.

New Transmission Test Sets

We have six new transmission test sets designed to help you tailor your investment to your unique testing needs. Four new instruments are of the EZ-TESTER® Series. The EZ-TESTER QJ, EZ-TESTER HD, and EZ-TESTER ST, offer comprehensive testing capabilities for different combinations of T1, DS3, and STS-1 SONET testing requirements. The fourth unit, the new EZ-TESTER DS, combines T1 testing with a DDS 4-wire local loop testing. The DS, HD, and QJ models are available with dual T1 configurations for full drop / insert applications and for line monitoring with two receivers simultaneously.

Our new T1-LITETM is a light-weight transmission tester with full T1 transmit and receive capabilities that autoconfigures to the line code, framing format, and test pattern. It loops up and loops down the far end, and transmits all the standard T1 test patterns for thorough testing of the span.

The E1-LITETM is our very first 2048 Kbp/s transmission tester! It offers full E1 transmit and receive test features like the T1-LITE. Both instruments include a 2-line by 16-character display, headset jacks for voice frequency channel testing, and 13 front panel LEDs for instant display of normal and abnormal signal conditions. 

Visit our PRODUCTS page and select the instrument of your choice for a complete description of features and capabilities for each new test set. 

On-Line Accessories Catalog

To assist you in selecting among the many accessories we offer for use with our test equipment products, we have introduced an on-line catalog complete with images and brief descriptions of each item. Credit card purchases are accepted using Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Frame Relay Testing

Option 14, for EZ-TESTER II, QJ, HD, or ST, configured with DS1, confirms functionality and connectivity of PVC frame relay links through polling, frame capture, and IP PING operations.

EZ-TESTER IIs with serial number 1520 or lower require a hardware modification for Option 14 and cannot be upgraded using OnCall. Contact the factory at 1-800-441-6336 for instructions for adding Option 14 to a test set. 

SS7 Capture / Analysis Option

Option 13 is available for all EZ-TESTER models configured with DS1, providing analysis and statistics of SS7 SU/SMU messages and retransmissions. The option provides capture and decoding of MSUs in plain English, and offer pre- and post-capture filtering. SS7 can be downloaded via OnCall.

GR-303 Test Access Option

GR-303 test access is now available as Option 12 for all EZ-TESTERs configured with DS1 and can be downloaded via Electrodata's OnCall feature. Click here for more information on Option 12, GR-303 testing feature. 

Improved Test Tone Capability

We've added a full battery of fixed and variable audio test tones to the EZ-TESTER II and above configured with DS1 VF testing capability. The test set will generate variable tones from 50 to 3950 Hz in 1 Hz steps, and fixed tones of 404 Hz, 1004 Hz, 1804 Hz, and 2804 Hz to support standard VF testing, including channel loss, frequency response, and gain-slope testing. A fixed 2713 Hz tone is included for Bell 829 loopback activation. The upgrade is available to all EZ-TESTER owners at no charge and can be downloaded via the test set's OnCall feature. 

Visit Our New OnCall® Page !!

Updating your test set's firmware, and downloading many test options, can be done right at your own work site. Click on OnCall to learn how simple it is. 

Latest Downloadable Firmware Revisions

All remote control Windows software and test set firmware revisions are now listed in one place. Click here or use the "Software Updates" button to view the latest software revisions. Download the Windows software directly from the page, or check for the latest test set operating firmware and then download using the test set's OnCall feature.

T1 Test Pattern Descriptions and Functions

"Which T1 test pattern should I use?" and "What does it mean when the circuit fails a bit-error-rate-test (BERT) on one pattern but passes another?" Visit our T1 Test Patterns page for a brief discussion of the the most commonly used test patterns and the use of each pattern.

Option 12, GR-303 Testing with all DS1 Optioned EZ-TESTERs

Option 12, GR-303 Test Access, provides test functionality for Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) systems using the GR-303 standard (also referred to as TR-303). GR-303 is Bellcore's GR-303-CORE, "IDLC Generic Requirements, Objectives, and Interface", document. This document specifies the Integrated Digital Loop Carrier (IDLC) interface requirements between the Remote Digital Terminal (RDT) and the Integrated Digital Terminal (IDT) or Central Office (CO) Local Digital Switch(LDS).

The option provides all EZ-TESTERs configured with DS1 the capabilities of monitoring the Timeslot Management Channel(TMC)/Common Signaling Channel (CSC), and the Embedded Operations Channel (EOC). The TMC/CSC is decoded to level 2 or level 3 and filters are available for Call Reference Value (CRV) and abnormal cause codes. When hybrid signaling is used, the option also provides decode of the ABCD bits. The EOC is decoded to level 2. Any captured information can be printed or transferred to a computer for later analysis or reference.

Two additional capabilities are present based on other options in the EZ-TESTERs. If Option 03, ESF/SLC 96 Monitor and Control, is present, the test set can display Performance Report Messages (PRM). If Option 10, Terminal Emulation, is present, the test set provides "dumb" terminal access to the craft interface as specified in GR-303.


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