COMM-WATCH II Demonstration

This procedure allows you to explore the user interface to a live COMM-WATCH II that is connected to a simulated T1 in Electrodata’s lab.
To access the demonstration and view the capabilities of the COMM-WATCH II, Follow these steps:
1. Download the CW-2 Software 
2. Run the program to setup the software on your Windows PC.     
3. After the install is complete: You may delete the downloaded file and start the installed
COMM-WATCH II program using the gargoyle icon on your Desktop (or in the Programs area under Electrodata).
4. From the “Options” drop-down select “Serial Port”
5. On the “Communications Settings” window: Set “Local Com Port” to “TCP/IP” and  Select "Connect using Electrodata Server"
6. You should see a message that says"Server Available" appear in the “Electrodata Server” section
7. Click OK
8. Under the Communications menu, select "Connect"
9. In the Site Selection menu choose "NEW" and enter "CW II in Electrodata lab" in the "Name" section. Then enter "12345" in the Address field.(the Address is the serial number of the COMM-WATCH II you wish to connect with.)
10. Now click "Add" and the Name should be highlighted in the "Available Sites" section. Click "Connect".
11. A form will open and require a Remote Password.  Enter "commwatch" in all lower-case.
12. You will briefly see a "connecting" status and then you will have full access to the COMM-WATCH II.

For additional information Download the COMM-WATCH II Manual

Call Electrodata at (216) 663-3333 or (800) 441-6336 if:

  • you have any problems with the demo
  • you have questions about the unit
  • you have special interests such as PRI or remote bit-error-rate testing.
  • you want a demonstration of accessing the COMM-WATCH II using a wireless interface on the remote device.

Watch the COMM-WATCH II presentation.


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